Lions Clubs worldwide hold fundraising events on a state, national (Multiple District) or international level to raise money for local people or Lions projects and Foundations. All Lions Projects and Foundations are sanctioned by members attending state, national or international Lions conventions.

The Administration of a Lions Club is self-funded by the members themselves, and they cannot appeal for Administration funds from the public unless it is specifically advertised as such. 100% of all funds raised from the public go back to the public.

Each year, the Lions Club of Bull Creek raises funds to allocate to Lions projects and foundations as well as supporting requests from local organisations, charities and individuals. Through local fundraising events such as Melbourne Cup lunches, sausage-sizzles, golf days, dances, etc our club boosts the funds it can allocate to community groups and individuals as well as supporting Lions Foundations and Projects. You can learn more about our Club’s projects on this website.

Donations and bequests from the public are also a source of income from the local community.

Fundraising through formal Lions events is split into two categories:  Foundations and Programs.

FOUNDATIONS are to raise money for such things as ongoing medical research, or to provide funds for emergency or disaster relief. They can be national or state Lions programs.

National Foundations

State District Run Foundations

Lions Save Sight Foundation - Western Australia
Lions Hearing Foundation - Western Australia
Lions Cancer Institute - Western Australia
Lions Dryandra Woodlands Village - Western Australia
Western Australian Lions Drug Education Foundation - Western Australia

Lions Blind Appeal Inc 201N5
Lions House Foundation - Heidelberg Victoria
Nurses Scholarship Foundation
Lions Youth Haven
Lions International District 201V2 Charitable Fund
District 201V6 Lions Foundation Ltd 

International Foundations

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)

PROGRAMS are run as either a service to the community or to assist Lions members, eg training and development through leadership programs.

Disaster Relief:

Lions Alert Program


Planet Ark National Treeday

Health Services:

Youth and Community Services:

Lions Members Services

Lions Mints

Lions Christmas Cakes

Lions Traditional Steamed Plum Puddings

More information about Lions Foundations and Programs can be viewed on