In 2009, at the request of Disability Services Willetton, our Club became involved in a mentoring scheme (Buddy Scheme) with some of the local young people with disabilities who have moved out from home or are in semi- or self-care programs. Disability Services Willetton is involved with approximately 400 people in our area.

By joining Bull Creek Lions in community activities, young people with disabilities have participated in the community, developed a community spirit and are involved in worthwhile activities. Examples of their involvement with our Club include Kardinya Hall cleaning, yard tidy-ups for members of the community, BBQs and maintenance of the wetlands at John Lewis Park, Bull Creek.

Club members Brian Western and Debbie Marks are our Club's link with Disability Services Willetton. Debbie's son, Ben, as well as Richard West (photo below) and Andrew have participated in the Buddy Scheme.

In addition to working with young people, Bull Creek Lions assist disabled members of the public who need assistance in maintaining their gardens and homes. One local resident, Peter Burt, whom our Club supported with garden maintenance, subsequently became a member of our Club in 2009. 

buddy scheme - richard